CHAPTER FOUR – extract


There are six important characteristics that make a modern man irresistibly attractive in the eyes of a woman. Two of these characteristics are closely connected, but they each have their own charm. I am talking about making love in bed and making love on the dance floor (also referred to as dancing, for those of you who didn’t get the hint).

Let’s start with bedroom skills, which will allow you to better understand the point of this chapter. Every woman’s idea of a perfect lover is different, but they all describe a man that can simultaneously use contradictory concepts, such as being rough and gentle at the same time. Doing that makes a woman feel feminine in the most natural way possible. A woman wants a lover that will take her to cloud nine and allow her to break away from her mind, her mental installation, and reality. A perfect lover will make her feel like she can be herself, naked and real, and feel like the most attractive and beautiful woman in the world. Can you do that? Honestly, it takes balls.

Further, I strongly believe that every great dancer is also a great lover. Unfortunately, today’s society has moved the spotlight away from dancing skills and gentlemanly behavior, which are both still a big hit with the ladies. As a result, women can no longer be sure that every great lover is also a great dancer. But, he certainly has great potential. Do you want to become a great lover? Learn how to tango!

There is another shade of a perfect man. It is somewhat hidden and often lost, but incredibly important in order to keep a woman longing for a man. I am talking about man’s self-reliance, which is still something that women love and hate at the same time. They don’t realize that, of course. Self-reliance is an essential characteristic of a man. It makes him strong, protective and masculine in a very sexy way.

If a man wants to maintain in a relationship with a modern woman, he first needs to recognize the strong impact of her mental installation. A woman’s installation forces her to want to control everything because of the expectations that she has created and the patterns that  society has enforced. Many women get caught up in this process and end up subconsciously manipulating everything in their lives, including their men. At times, a woman will stubbornly stick to her idea of what is right and end up forcing her man to accept things that are completely against his beliefs. Since men, unlike women, are no taught how to thoughtfully communicate, they usually react either too aggressively or too passively. In both cases, their relationship suffers.

Women often use the you-don’t-love-me excuse as a tool for manipulation. That makes the man feel wrongly accused, but he still ends up thinking about what happened. In reality, he does want to make her happy and let her know he loves her. That exact moment is where he gets caught. Her claim about not being loved enough  because he didn’t do what she wanted  is a complete illusion that fools both of them. The way I see it, when a woman doesn’t get her way, she realizes that her man is different from her. Funnily enough, that is what she used to find interesting -in the beginning of their relationship, of course. As time went on, she got tangled up in her own expectations and plans. As her man, it is your job to remind her about that.

Remind her about the differences between the two of you, and the ways they bring you closer and make your relationship colorful whenever you disagree. It can be challenging, but only if you don’t know how to communicate – if, instead of talking, you attack each other and try to showcase your strength like two African rhinos. The thing is, the chances of the woman realizing that she is forcing ideas on you to get her way are close to zero. That means you are the only person that can help her see this. But you need to do it by gently using her method: manipulation.

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