Dear followers, dear supporters, dear readers!

I am thrilled to finally tell you the news about Awakening Her. With the help of supporters on crowdfunding page GoFundMe I have raised enough money for initial part of professional translation of Awakening Her into English.

The Slovenian version is already published, but I still wish to publish the book worldwide so I am trying to raise money for proper translation. Additionally, the great news is that I already have found the book agent who is happy to represent my book on foreign markets.

By raising further funds on GoFundMe the book, therefore, has a very good chance to be published in English in the beginning of 2017.

You can help my project and me by contributing the funds HERE. By doing that you will support my writing career and the path of success for Awakening Her. But not just that, you will also be able to get the book and read it in English, which is of course the most important benefit of your support.

Thank you!

Maja Monrue Pot do Nje - Awakening Her
Slovenian version is out. Let’s make it happen for the English one too!


  1. Kako jst vidim: Odlicno Maja, super ideja, imam ze predloge komu priporocit in bom tudi delil med prijatelji. Dodaj morebiti se link v tem clanku do GoFundMe direkt do fundiranja tvoje knjige, ker naslednji link spodaj kaze na 20% is raised, let´s boost it to 100% ki je Kickstarter… 😉 You can help my project and me by contributing the funds HERE (HERE ne dela, oziroma ni povezave)


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