The Author

Maja Monrue is a Slovenian author and a modern woman living in Vienna, Austria.


She wants to tell people about true love. Not about the one in fairytales but about real, deep and unconditional love in which we almost don’t believe anymore. It exists in reality. She is not a psychologist and she doesn’t claim to know everything. However, there are two things that she masters brilliantly: observing the world around her and putting her findings into words in a way that the reader feels comfortable with. That is how the book Awakening Her has been written. It is not a guide or fiction. It was influenced by philosophy, psychology and everyday life.

Awakening Her is her first serious writing project, made with love and inspiration based on the substantial need to explain to men what the essence of loving a modern woman is.

She graduated from University of Economics and Business in Maribor in Entrepreneurship with a Bachelor’s thesis “Entrepreneurship for Women – The Impact of the Entrepreneurial Engagement on Life Satisfaction”.

A few years ago, she moved to Vienna, Austria. “Vienna waits for you,” said Billy Joel. For her, Vienna really was the place of new beginnings, new inspiration and new self-awareness; “I am a writer,” she admitted to herself and wrote her first book, which also happens to be the best book for men (and women) at this time.

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