CHAPTER TEN – extract


The biggest coward is the man who awakens the love of a woman without the intention of loving her” – Bob Marley

Bob Marley loved many women in his lifetime, and his perception of a woman was framed around her natural beauty and femininity, which he preferred in its original form. He did not like it when a woman he was with wore make-up. When she was with him, he wanted her to be completely natural, so he could appreciate her femininity.

The attraction between man and woman is not coincidental. Because of their differences, their relationship can only work if they are willing to let go and surrender to the love between them. They will become one by learning to love one another the same way they love themselves – and loving themselves is a prerequisite for that.


Men are born into a completely different world than women. Since ancient times, men have been celebrated as heroes. Women, on the other hand, are thought at an early age that living in a modern world is actually a never-ending path of proving and accepting their femininity. For a woman, her femininity can be both: a curse and a gift.

Being a woman means learning to love yourself and not being sure if you will ever succeed in that endeavor. If you do, the fairy tale of the magical power of true beauty, heard from grandmother as a little girl, will finally make sense. The magical power of true beauty is not to be taken for granted. It needs to be nurtured and fought for. And this is where you guys come in. This is where Prince Charming enters the story.

A realized woman is not necessarily the woman that fights for her place in society and fulfillment of her idea of perfection. A realized woman is the woman that fights her fears of not being accepted and loved as she is. You claim to love her no matter what. Do you really mean that? Can you fully embrace her insecurities? Despite her strength, can you see she is also fragile and vulnerable? Not because she is weak, but because she forgot how to please herself while she was busy pleasing everyone else. She forgot how beautiful and loving she really is. She was told she needs to fight for her femininity instead of simply being encouraged to embracing it. She needs to embrace being a woman. She needs feel comfortable allowing herself to be gentle, vulnerable and romantic. She needs to feel comfortable allowing herself to yearn for safety and mutual love. Sadly, many women suppress those notions. They judge and blame themselves for their femininity. They think they need to be  more stoic than they really are. That they need to suppress their feelings. That they need to be competitive in the way of men. That they need to strive for success and goals they don’t really want to achieve, only to prove to the world they can be equal to men. The modern world has nothing in common with supporting  female ambitions. Consequently, women blame themselves for not being able to make their man happy, not being able to control their emotions on the 25th or 26th day of their cycle and not being able to coordinate their career and family life.

With that being said, thanks to society,  what all women want is to be perfect. While understanding that perfection is impossible to achieve, they still strive to be perfect up until the moment when they can no longer fight themselves. That moment is when they collapse. It may happen on the inside, without anyone else noticing. The mosaic, which they have been building since they were little girls, shatters. All that is left is a small, and bare essence of a woman, caught in the web of vague patterns from her past. Often, that essence is so weak that the woman doesn’t see it, which kills whatever hope she had left for achieving her full potential. But sometimes, they are able to pick themselves up and put the broken pieces back together, creating a new mosaic that allows their essence to shine in all its beauty and strength. They forgive themselves. They fully embrace their true self. Those women exude their femininity and you can sense it the second you meet them. You simply know they represent the full meaning of a woman.

Everything you will read in this book has been lived in real life. There are men out there that are able to awaken women. Although there are not many of them, there are enough that they can’t be called a fluke. Now it is up to you to decide how you will use your love for your woman. Will you measure it or give it freely?

Don’t forget that our purpose as human beings is to learn how to love, no matter what anyone else tries to tell you. They might want you to believe that love is an illusion of happiness and that being selfish is what will be vital for your survival in today’s society. It’s magic when a woman loves a man and a man loves a woman. The love that they can offer is different, but when they become one, they achieve the purpose of humanity.

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