Dear men! After all that serious reading, it is finally time to lighten the mood and discuss sex. Yes, sex. If you have decided to take the time and read this book, why not read about something that always piques men’s curiosity, right? Well, I may be exaggerating the shallowness of this topic, but sex is something everyone enjoys talking and thinking about. It is also the only shared activity of a man and a woman (if they manage to relax and let go, of course) that allows them to be fully connected and experience that moment. No matter how romantic that may sound, the purpose of this book is to help you understand ways to take your woman to the top –  however you may get there.


 A real-life example:

After several weeks of flirting and teasing each other, it finally happened – they kissed. She tasted his lips for the first time. They were so soft and gentle and … well, they were gentle. She invited him to her place in a way she thought was obvious that she wanted to sleep with him. When he moved his gentle lips away from hers, he took her hand and awkwardly looked towards the bedroom doors. She smiled at him seductively, quietly led him to the bedroom and stopped in front of the bed. She waited for his next move. She was ready for him to passionately grab her, show her how much he wants her and make her forget where she was. She has been dreaming of this moment ever since they started teasing each other. But he continued gently. He slowly slid his hands from her shoulders to her hips and rested them on her waist while gently kissing her lips. She soon realized she would have to take control over the situation and start the fire. She wrapped her arms around his neck, snuggled closer and passionately kissed him. Although her bold move came as a surprise, he remained gentle. Instead of responding to her raw passion, throwing her on the bed and drowning his head in her breasts, her bellybutton and her thighs, like she wished he would,  he continued like she was a nervous virgin. She felt she had no other choice but to use the good old trick that fast forwards to the real deal and gets a man horny. She dropped down to her knees, unzipped his pants and took matters into her own hands. Literally. He was taken aback by her boldness and a bit confused, but not for long. He started to appreciate the pleasure, which he thought wouldn’t have come so … easily. When his level of passion finally matched hers, she continued leading the show and pushed him on the bed, when she wished it had been the other way around. She got on top of him and took what was hers while he stared at her with eyes wide open, thanking God for what was happening. When she got tired, she decided to switch positions and used her sexiest voice to suggest they should continue ‘doggy style’. Not hesitating at all, he immediately got ready behind her. Soon after that, he finished triumphantly.She faked her orgasm. He took a deep breath and said: “This was fantastic. You are a great lover!” She smiled, put her head on his chest and started thinking about how nice it would have been to have a man that would do what she had just done. A man that would take control of the situation, of her body, of her pleasure. A man that would be rough and gentle at the same time, appreciating her femininity. A man that would satisfy his primal instinct and manly passion while making her feel like she is the most beautiful and attractive woman on the planet. A man that would grab her with his strong arms, gently place her on the sheets and use those manly arms to slowly and sensually explore her body. A man that wouldn’t waste time with being gentle and indecisive, but use that time as a pause between passionate kisses and love bites. A man that would know that spanking and sensual pinching can have its purpose: achieving greater sensitivity of certain body parts and not just demonstrating dominance or even sadomasochistic pleasure. A man that would see oral sex as just another way of spicing things up and not as a method of controlling her pleasure. A man that would know that the missionary position is by far the most popular with women mainly because they always see sex as an act of connecting with their partner.


I want to share some remarkable facts about making love to a woman. I feel this chapter is the one that should be as direct as possible. I aim to inform men about things that women don’t always want to share with them.

Let’s talk about “great sex”. Whatever your idea of great sex may be, you can truly define it after you have experienced it. Great sex is great when YOU find it to be that way. Your idea of great sex doesn’t have to match the description that you found in a magazine or heard from your friend. In fact, I want to discuss the fact that many people are in denial when it comes to their sexual experiences and it usually turns out they do the same in other areas of their lives. For example, everyone thinks that they are a skilled driver, but that is not always the case.


 I know that you will not be happy until we start talking about the star of the show: female orgasm. The book explains interesting techniques or situations that will make your woman praise you when talking to her girlfriends. One of those secrets is about the glorious multiple orgasms.

We all know the tale of multiple female orgasms and yet, we are still not sure whether or not they are an actual thing. Some studies have shown that some women are able to have several orgasms during intercourse, if they are completely relaxed and aroused. This can be achieved by paying extra attention to her clitoris, also known as the “shortcut to an orgasm.” A woman that truly knows her body knows the tricks that she can use,  when her body is not responding in a way she wishes it would. One of the biggest tricks is called clitoral stimulation, which for many women, always guarantees a climax when used alone or in combination with penetration. Soon after the first orgasm, the blood flow to the clitoris is increased, which means that the most sensitive erogenous zone of her body is ready to explode again, even if the first orgasm was not reached by clitoral stimulation. You should know that the second orgasm often sneaks up on her and can be reached in a shorter period of time, compared to the first one. If you can last a long time, and if she knows her body very well, multiple orgasms will soon be knocking on her door. The first one might be just for her, and the second time, you might  orgasm together. Or, you can give her the second one after climaxing together. You will give your fingers a good exercise.

And yet, I feel that multiple orgasms should not be the primary goal. Often each consecutive orgasm is weaker. Giving her more than one orgasm doesn’t always equal great sex. Actually, having more than two orgasms can be exhausting for a woman, and might not be what she wants. A single intense orgasm can better satisfy her lust. Save  your efforts towards that second or third climax  for when she really wants it. You’ll know because she’ll say, “I want more.”

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