CHAPTER NINE – extract


Have you ever thought you heard a sizzling sound like the one that is created by adding water to the pan to make your steak juicier? Or felt an unseen force similar to the repulsion between two magnets? Do you wonder what that was? Well, you were most likely caught in between two competing women that were showcasing their strengths using their eyes, tones of their voices and energy. You know, like rams butting heads. Well, maybe women do it less pompously, but it is basically the same thing. Women frequently compete with each other for men’s attention, their status in society, or for general superiority. That competition usually creates a form of passive aggression. When women compete with other women, I believe they use a special frequency to communicate. Men are completely oblivious to these signals, since they are not on that frequency. However, by knowing and recognizing women’s frequency, a man is able to avoid unpleasant situations, such as accidentally flirting with another woman. For the most part, women’s frequency is a very effective way for women to deal with problems amongst themselves, but men sometimes find themselves caught in the crossfire. In moments like this, you might feel confused and unsure about what you did wrong. Or what the problem is. What you know is that something is not right. You feel her discontent like thousand tiny needles poking through your skin, but you don’t know what the cause of her irritation might be.

Here is an excerpt from a real-life example:

… When he got home, Barbara was already asleep. He felt relieved that he wouldn’t have to talk about his night.

“How was last night?” asked Barbara the next morning while he was pouring his coffee, with a hint of suspicion in her voice. She caught him off guard. “Great. We actually finished most of the things that needed to be done,” he answered, exaggerating his enthusiasm. Nonetheless, he was, however, expecting the following question: “Good. What about dinner?” Mark tried to play it cool but suddenly became nervous. “Dinner was fine.” Barbara, not happy with his response, continued with a fake smile to cover her nervousness: “What did you guys eat?” Mark could no longer continue avoiding what he knew Barbara would find out sooner or later. “It was just me and my colleague Lisa,” said Mark rushing on: “I had chicken and she had a salad.” He now tried his hardest to focus on putting sugar in his coffee and avoid Barbara’s surprised stare. Her smile was gone. “Is that so? How come the two of you were alone again?”

In that moment, the hamster on the wheel of her installation reached a speed that caused the wheel to break. Suddenly, she was furious. When she looked at him, his skin felt electrified. Her frequency felt like a shock to his body. Overcome by anger and fear, she started shooting questions and accusations at him. . Soon, he was overwhelmed by the onslaught, and he lost his temper. He tried to explain, shouting that there is nothing going on with Lisa and that they only had dinner. As soon as these words came out of his mouth, however, he had a realization:  instead of taking his frustrations out on Barbara, he should have used this energy to refuse Lisa’s dinner invitation last night. However, he was sure he couldn’t admit this to Barbara. Absolutely not. She was being too aggressive. So, he held tight to his anger, grabbed his coat and briefcase, and ran out the door.

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