The time leading up to a gift giving occasion usually goes like this: the woman joyfully plans what to give to her man to celebrate this wonderful moment while the man despairs and desperately tries to figure out what to get her. Sound familiar? Do you feel clueless when it comes to buying gifts for your woman? Of course you do. I don’t blame you. Choosing a gift is one of the few situations in which women’s installations perform better than men’s boxes. A woman will remember every time you mentioned something you might want. Her installation will then pair that information with the moments in which you actually needed something (or at least she thought you did,) which will be followed by the launch of her gift-buying project. This is why most women get excited about giving gifts to their men.

As a man, you need to realize that when a woman gives you a gift, she is also giving you her love, so of course she expects the same in return. That’s right, giving gifts in this case has nothing to do with being selfless and expecting nothing in return. At least from women’s point of view.

You will need to learn the difference between moments when she is selflessly supporting you by being understanding and respectful, and when it is a gift giving occasion, such as a birthday, an anniversary, Valentine’s Day or another holiday. These occasions are opportunities to show how important she really is to you and she is aware of that. This is why they are usually more important to women than they are to menA woman will assess the amount of effort you have invested in her gift by what the gift is. Her installation will then take that information and compare it to past situations, expectations and assumptions. The product will then be converted to her perception of how much you love her.

Your system of boxes might not come in handy on those occasional  days in a year when you have to come up with the perfect gift. However, storing all the relevant information in one place can also count as an advantage. This book describes how to choose a gift that shows you have invested a lot of love and effort into it. Luckily for you, the process is fairly simple. All you need is your love and some creativity – the kind you used to use for picking up women when you were still a bachelor.

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