I’ve managed to get one of the best illustrators around to contribute his work to my book Awakening Her. I was excited when he shared first drafts with me and here I am sharing one of the drafts with you as well. That is a rough draft of the illustration for the Chapter 3 – 22 Shades of Women. Awesome, right?!
I can’t wait to see the final version!

22 odtenkov
First draft of an illustration for the book Awakening Her. Created by Mladen Mlenašek.

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It’s a cold, wet January eve. Sixty days before the start of the campaign for the book. The hidden fear is slowly but surely rising from the hidden places inside of my soul. At the same time, people around me are smiling, giving me thumbs up and sharing their favorite motivational phrases with me. They want my book to be successful because they know how much faith and heart I have put into this project. But there is great fear inside of me, telling me that I won’t be able to let enough people around the world know about the book. So many books have already been written on this topic and so many of them turned out to be useless. I am an unknown author from a tiny European country nobody knows about. How can I convince people that my book is good? How can I convince people that my book is different? That my book is something they have never read before, despite the fact it includes famous theories. How can I make my book shine through the thousands of other books with shinny covers?

I can’t do that – not without a million dollar budget. I can only trust in my work and in the message of the book. I can believe in people who are passionately helping me without knowing if the book will be successful or not. One of them is an illustrator Mladen Melanšek, the only man who “dared” to contribute his male perspective to the book for men, which was written by a woman. I am eagerly waiting for his first drafts. I know his work will represent the vital part to the whole project, which is why I appreciate his efforts tremendously. I also appreciate the help of my friend Špela Črnič, who is translating my work into English. Her part is important as well, because she need to transfer my sentences into a foreign language without losing boldness and hidden meanings.  Of course, there are more people who are being supportive of me and my book and I am thankful for every single one of them.

My plan is to launch the book with the help of crowd funding and avoid being robbed by big corporations (meaning publishing houses) or being used by small ones. Too much work, love and faith was put into this project for it to be advertised as just another book on relationships. It is so much more than that.

If you decide to show your support, I can promise you that this book will change your life. That is the power of this book. Not because of my writing skills, but because of its source – the inspiration, from which it was created.

I invite you to read some of the extracts and check out the chapter titles of the book here. Thank you!

Portrait of clever student with open book Awakening Her reading it in college library


The end of the year is also a time for making conclusions and remembering the beginnings. Therefore, I cannot resist not telling you about how the story of Awakening Her has started. Please, forgive me for being sentimental at some points, but that is just the way it is with us women.

Once upon a time I was sitting at a beach bar in the peak of the summer heat. The sun was melting the ice cream in front of my nose and the sea was gently caressing the white hot rocks. A good friend of mine was telling me about an amusing theory of why men can’t understand women and women can’t explain to men what they want. Shortly after that entertaining talk, I immediately began to feel extremely inspired to write a book for men. From day one, I felt powerful will and motivation to kindly explain the real essence of her expectations to men. And I wanted to do this gently and with love, because I realised that nowadays, living with a modern woman in our society is anything but simple. Besides that, I have experienced men’s sincere wish to fulfil women’s expectations quite a few times. In fact, women in relationship are usually not able to explain to men what they really want, even if they would like to, because they often don’t know what they want.

For me, the process of writing this book was like walking along an unknown path and confronting life lessons. Every chapter was unique, yet all chapters somehow came back to the same basics. These basics are by definition so simple that one can take them for granted. And taking things, such as understanding, compassion and gratitude, for granted brings a lot of clashing into a relationship. Finding your way back, on the other hand, is very challenging; nobody taught us how.  But it is not impossible. After all, if we take away all the unnecessary clutter, we realise that we already have everything we need to live and love unconditionally.

What I wanted to explain above is that this story began very amusingly, continued somewhat seriously, became very serious and deep and, with some more amusing parts from everyday life, ended up as a loving work aimed to encourage men to love in their authentic way in order to awake femininity in women worldwide.

It’s time for us all to return to the basics and awake the naturally given love that lays deep inside of us.

By the way, I have just returned from a working meeting with my precious translator of the book and I am excited to inform you that I will be able to provide you with a content structure of the book and first “tastings” from the chapters before the beginning of the New Year.

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The fact is that as a writer I do not have special need for being very active on social networks. However, the story of “modern” success is pretty much based on social marketing activity. And another fact is that simply being a writer does not necessarily bring financial security. You literally have to market yourself within the entrepreneurial spirit (fortunately and convenient I have a degree in Entrepreneurship as well).

Despites knowing all these facts I believe in my writing. I believe in myself. It’s not that I don’t appreciate my degree in Economics. It is very simple; writing is the one thing I do as naturally as I breathe. And I want to show the world, that my writing is very good. Therefore, I am peacefully accepting the necessity of social marketing within the project of publishing my book for men (and women) Awakening Her.

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Welcome in my story. Welcome on my way to the top.





Not every day is as effective for me as today. I made this website and even purchased the unique domain just to prove myself I believe in this story.

A year ago, I decided to break the habit of not finishing the projects I start. And so the book for men has finally been written. It was the only project that was depended solely on my determination and discipline. Thanks to the Universe I had the ultimate driver – L O V E – as a very kind companion on the way to the finish line.

The finish line, however, is not the finished book for men itself. The ultimate finish for me is going to be a world full of tender women, awakened by the love of their men.

This story, therefore, has just begun!