The fact is that as a writer I do not have special need for being very active on social networks. However, the story of “modern” success is pretty much based on social marketing activity. And another fact is that simply being a writer does not necessarily bring financial security. You literally have to market yourself within the entrepreneurial spirit (fortunately and convenient I have a degree in Entrepreneurship as well).

Despites knowing all these facts I believe in my writing. I believe in myself. It’s not that I don’t appreciate my degree in Economics. It is very simple; writing is the one thing I do as naturally as I breathe. And I want to show the world, that my writing is very good. Therefore, I am peacefully accepting the necessity of social marketing within the project of publishing my book for men (and women) Awakening Her.

Since two days ago, you can follow me on Twitter (@MajaMonrue) and on Facebook page Maja Monrue (the author). When the time will come, you can support my efforts by buying one of the very first copies on Kickstarter.

Welcome in my story. Welcome on my way to the top.




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