Society today has lost its natural purpose. We strive for more worldly things without seeing that we already have everything we need inside us. We want to complicate the most simple things, such as love, understanding, and compassion. Therefore, our relationships have become complicated.

The book carries a very special message on finding the essence of our existence within ourselves, simply by being a loving man or a loving woman.

Don’t forget that our purpose as human beings is to learn how to love, no matter what anyone else tries to tell you. They might want you to believe that love is an illusion of happiness and that being selfish is what will be vital for your survival in today’s society. The essence is hidden in our hearts. When a woman loves a man and a man loves a woman, magic happens. The love that they can offer is different, but when they become one, they achieve the purpose of humanity.

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Awakening Her - A book for men - by Maja Monrue - paperback cover
Paperback cover of book Awakening Her by Maja Monrue